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Arts & Culture

When elementary-aged children reach Wikwemikong Junior School, they enter one of the most creative periods of life, and will create based on those talents they have begun to develop in these earlier years. The teaching staff at Wikwemikong Junior School recognize that this period of development is the time to explore as many creative forms as possible. Therefore, children will be exposed to a variety of art experiences.
Children also benefit from having a variety of art materials available to them at all times and a space to work where they can be inspired. It is important to provide the best quality that we can afford—pencils, crayons, felt pens, clay, paper, brushes—and to teach the child how to use and care for them- to be respectful of the materials.
Because the children of Wikwemikong come from a rich history of art, every opportunity will be offered to study and teach aboriginal and indigenous forms of Art.
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