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Teaching Professional Day

Wikwemikong Junior School supports the teaching staff by empowering teachers to bridge theory and practice in a Collaborative-Inquiry (CI) professional development environment.

Collaborative Inquiry is a rich, learning opportunity for teachers in a team setting. It is built upon questions that teachers themselves pose and then work towards solving and sharing together in a cycle. It is, therefore, a systematic process of reflecting, action and interacting with one another and within the other stakeholders in the school system.

Through the process, participants engage in structured activities and experiment with new practices in their daily work. Group members then reflect together to make sense of what happened in the action phase and to develop and refine possible answers to their question/problem.

In collaborative inquiry teachers work together to define problems; they co-plan, co-teach, co-monitor and interpret outcomes, and then consider together “what’s next.” When teachers collaboratively develop and test their own conceptions, they can better grapple with new theories and practices (Canadian Education Association).

A prime reason for Wikwemikong implementing Collaborative Inquiry is due to the very fact that it helps solidify deep connections among teachers and a unique peer-networking opportunity. Teachers support one another in taking risks in their teaching practice that advance their individual and collective learning and of course, generate new knowledge rooted in their work.