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Early Learning Kindergarten

There is a strong connection that exists between play and learning. At Wiikwemkoong Junior School, our Early Learning Kindergarten is based on play and Anishnaabemowin. All children are naturally curious and they explore this curiosity through play. When kids are playing, it’s the perfect time to learn. While playing, children develop, learn, and build skills like problem-solving, sharing, communication, reading and writing. All of these skills form a love of learning that continues throughout their lives. In all of our Kindergarten classes, the students are spoken to in both Anishnaabemowin and English. One of the main goals of Kindergarten is to learn to orally communicate in Anishnaabemowin, where our students are taught in a "sandwich" method - they hear Anishnaabemowin first, then English, followed again by Anishnaabemowin. 


For specific descriptions of each of these areas, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website on Early Learning Kindergarten