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Jump Start & After School Programs

The Junior School is a truly innovative school.  The school provides the opportunity for students to realize their full potential and develop into highly skilled, knowledgeable, caring individuals who will participate fully in any society through a positive self-concept of our Anishinaabe nation.

We are truly honored to provide the after school & jump start programming for the families of the children enrolled at our school.  We understand that all parents and guardians send us their very best gifts from the Creator and we are delighted to treat each student as a gift.  We are committed to providing your child with a challenging, rewarding and culturally-sensitive program delivered in a safe, positive and caring environment.  This is the fourth year that the Junior School has provided an after-school program.  Although we consider the program new, it continues to flourish and grow.

The goal of the program is to assist parents/guardians who are working, or enrolled in an educational study and, or training.  The program is designated for approximately 35 children.  Its purpose is to give the children an opportunity to play informal games, receive homework assistance, and eat nutritional snacks, and provide the same comforts of being at home.  It provides working parents/guardians a sense of security in an environment where children can participate in an intellectual, creative, social and recreational activity that is developmentally and linguistically appropriate in after school hours.  The team at the Junior School are sensitive to the children’s emotional and developmental needs. This program strives to have an atmosphere that is homelike, relaxed and as flexible as possible. We would like to thank our partnership with LDM for this year’s initiative.